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How Financial Assistance Can Come From A Retail Partnership

Transcending Bureaucracy For legal reasons there are situations where a certain customer may not be allowed to take on a financing package due to credit problems. Yet the credit difficulties they may be experiencing aren’t always necessarily indicators of truly poor credit. With today’s credit system, there are multiple things which can affect an individual’s […]

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Financial Planning for the Finer Things

A financial company is always a good decision, especially when first starting out on a business venture. More often than not, individuals have brilliant ideas that have the ability to change the world and even turn a major profit in the meantime. Unfortunately, however, one is limited by their finances. Great ideas have been lost […]

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Building Stronger Customer Relations

Do you want to know your customers’ needs better but feel lost in terms of trying to reach them? Do you want to grow your list and thereby grow your company? You’re not alone, yet, many resources that you turn to tell you that you need to “fix” all of the above without telling you […]

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