What is Alarm Monitoring

alarm monitoringThe security industry has grown in leaps in the recent past. This is especially so after the introduction of the alarm monitoring system. This is basically a service that one can take as an additional feature above the burglar alarm system. It has proved beneficial, especially in monitoring offices or homes for alarms 24 hours each day. In case an alarm sounds on a possession that is integrated with the alarm monitoring service, the firm which provides the monitoring will call the office or home to rule out the possibility of a false alarm. The moment it receives the alarm, the monitoring company will have to determine whether this is a true or a false alarm. If it is discovered to have been a genuine alarm, then the company will call for emergency help.

Basically, alarm monitoring is a detailed and quick communication between the central station of your security provider and your home. However, it is important to realize that the technical specifics may differ from provider to the other but the basics in regard to alarm monitoring tend to be similar in any home security system. Your system control panel becomes the center of a network of sensors. These may include door or window sensors, tamper sensors, motion detectors or even smoke and even flood detectors. In case any of these sensors are triggered and your system is armed, a signal will be sent to the monitoring station through your telephone line.

The first signal that will be sent by your control panel will alert the monitoring experts at the central station. In some cases, some security systems offer additional features to their services like immediate alarms that do not necessarily have to depend on a conformation call or even silent alarms. This ensures that intruders do not get alerted, thus no possibility of them disabling the system before a follow up signal is relayed.

A majority of home security providers have around the clock alarm monitoring service as a vital feature. In this regard, it is advisable to go for Alarm Relay that assures you of these additional features for maximum security. It is important to make sure that you get the right information by discussing alarm monitoring and security system options with your potential providers. With these in place, you will rest assured that you have the best security system for your home or business at all times.


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